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A testimonial from Baldo Crossfit Perfection....I have been apart of the Crossfit Perfection family for 1 year. When I started I weighed 222 lbs. Through hard work my coaches showing me the proper way on doing the workouts I now weigh 185 lbs down to 11 % body fat.Trust me there was many times I thought I could not do the workouts.From support from Adrien & Naomi Ybarra and all the coaches, and also everybody who attends Crossfit Perfection. Now I'm down to a 34 waist. I use to be 38.I had bad knees from installing floors for 28 years. Now I have no knee problems. I personally recommend Crossfit Perfection. Everybody makes you feel as if your family.

This is a Testimonial from Jamie Olivas-Ware

What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from starting Crossfit Perfection? 

Money Crossfit Perfection makes it very affordable. I wanted to try Crossfit for a long time and I knew I would love it, but couldn’t afford it, so I stayed away.

What did you find as a result of starting Crossfit Perfection?Confidence! Strength! Feeling lean and solid! A new fitness family that is full of encouragement and support!

What specific feature did you like most about Crossfit Perfection?The fact I can bring my kids. If that wasn’t possible, I wouldn’t be able to come half the time!

What would be three other benefits about Crossfit Perfection?    

The variety of class times. Multiple trainers that all have their style and yet, get the same job done!!! And the free refillable water I LOVE that!

Would you recommend Crossfit Perfection? If so, why? ABSOLUTELY! The Box is very friendly and non-intimidating. That is HUGE when it comes to Crossfit! Whenever I talk to people who have never tried it they always say, “Oh, I can’t lift like they all do.” And “ it’s too intimidating” and yet, when the come and try at Crossfit Perfection, they find the exact opposite.

I am so grateful to this gym, all the amazing trainers, and for all the new friends I have made! I am proud of my progress and my new found confidence! I look forward to all that Crossfit has to offer!!!

​Christy... I had been playing around with the idea or starting Crossfit for 2 years until I finally dove in. The number one obstacle that was preventing me from starting my Crossfit journey was the fear or going it alone and being judged for my lack of athleticism. In the beginning it is so important to have great coaches and other crossfitters around to help you learn the basics. Had I not had such an encouraging first class, I probably would not have come back. But the coaches and other members were right there with me until I finished that first WOD. It was a great feeling.  I found myself. I found confidence, strength, and a new community to belong to. Oh, and new muscles I never knew I had!  

Would you recommend Crossfit Perfection? If so, why? Absolutely!! Because of the amazing coaches, the one-on-one help, the convenient class times, the childcare, and the awesome people!

What were the obstacle that prevented you from starting Crossfit?...
That only cardio is what you need to be healthy and that there is no way I can lift weights. What I found as a result is that I can lift weights and as we age it's even that much more important for our bodies. The feeling of accomplishment after a workout is priceless,You never leave disappointed! Their is a feeling of family at Crossfit Perfection. Everyone is so caring and welcoming. Doesn't matter where your at physically everyone treats you the same.My life and body has changed because of CrossFit. I talk about CrossFit Perfection daily.Type your paragraph here.

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Alina's Testamonial I absolutely love the coaching I receive during classes. After years of working out alone it is so nice to have someone coaching me on lifts, skills, and correcting my form when needed. 

I have felt welcome since the first day I walked in the door of the box. There is an awesome feeling of community and family at CFP! I like that there is a childcare room for when I need to bring my kids with me. I also like the free refillable water station. One less thing to worry about when trying to get to class! 
I definitely recommend CFP! Not matter what fitness level you are at, you will receive the support you need to reach your goals. CrossFit workouts can be done by anyone. Please don’t think you are too out of shape, too overweight, or too old to join us. We all encourage, motivate, and help each other during every single WOD! 

I considered myself to be at a good fitness level. I had been consistently working out 5 to 6 days a week for 5 years. I was at point in my fitness journey where I needed to go to the next level. I needed variety and to be pushed to work harder. I am definitely getting what I was looking for. I am making gains in strength, getting more toned, and learning new skills. 
One of the main reasons I have been able to keep off 50 plus pounds is because I’ve made strength training a priority. Fitness is a journey, not a destination and I’m so glad CFP is part of mine. Will you join us? The best version of you is waiting. CFP is very affordable, especially when compared to other CrossFit gyms in the area