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At Crossfit Perfection we work hard to bring you the best possible CrossFit training experience. We are  looking to built a solid foundation. We want to push the envelop of CrossFit programming and now we've closed the circle with Wodify. Wodify isn't inexpensive but it is state of the art and will take us to the next level of fitness, besides our members are worth it!

What is Wodify?

Wodify is an athlete management system that's created specifically for CrossFit by CrossFitters. We use Wodify to keep track of our athlete's attendance, payments and other aspects of our relationship. But what Wodify really does well is track our workouts.

Why do we need to track our workouts?

We track results for many reasons but the primary reason is it is the only way to effectively train. At Crossfit Perfection we do not exercise we train. Training is a longer term effort to create a specific physiological response. Contrast this with exercise that is often done only in service of the moment. Think of all those machines calibrated in calories. Burning calories is exercise doing the back squat with a progression every week (or more) is training. Another important reason is motivation. If you are motivated then you will work harder and the harder you work the more results you'll achieve.

It increases the Fun Factor!

Everyday we do a different workout and since the movements in these workouts vary so much there is never one person that is best at every workout. Wodify creates a leaderboard of the daily workout. It's great fun to see who has managed to get to the top of the list or see who has inched by their best friend. It's all good!

Wodify is Easy!

We call wodify the "Facebook of CrossFit." While not nearly as shophisticated as Facebook it does support "Liking" and comments on other athlete's performances. You can put you're own picture and change it as often as you like. You take care of your payments within Wodify too. Wodify is your main tool to interact with us outside of the gym. There are free iPhone and Android apps to make using it on the go super easy!

Wodify Welcome Email

When you join us you'll receive a welcome email from Wodify. Keep this email as it has important instructions along with your inital username and password.